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Material Disclosure:

Turbo Loans Express does not operate as a conventional banking or lending institution, in the strictest sense. The information you provide on this platform and to our consultants serves the exclusive purpose of identifying suitable financiers from our network based on your individual needs and creditworthiness. We assure you that no promotional or marketing materials will be dispatched to you. Please be aware that submission of your documentation does not automatically guarantee approval. Nonetheless, the lenders will meticulously examine your paperwork during the approval process, should you meet the necessary criteria. Our service does not impose any fees or additional charges upon you. However, it is important to acknowledge that we will share pertinent information regarding financiers within our business network to enable direct communication between you and the lenders. Please note that we do not act as your representative in any financial affairs or transactions with the lenders. By utilizing this website and availing our services, you express your consent to abide by the terms, conditions, and policies outlined herein. Moreover, we kindly request your awareness of the fact that certain states may not have access to the services provided by moneylenders in our network. Finally, we strongly advise familiarizing yourself with our privacy protocols and other disclaimers prior to engaging with our services.